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    E-Retailing And E-Insuring Gains Public Favour

    The surge in online retailing has drastically changed the way the average person shops and makes purchases. The commodities sectours have thrived through the incorporation of online shopping; the lack of hassle from sales people as well as the plethora of information and customer responses has made online shopping more convenient and reliant. Public opinion […]

    Insurance For Those With Active Lifestyles

    By now it is common knowledge that the price of a premium is determined, at least in part, by a specific set of factours: auto insurers will want to know about how long you have been driving, number of accidents, as well as violations; private health cover will ask about previously diagnosed conditions and family […]

    FCA Examines Zombie Policies

    The Financial Conduct Authority, after its eight month evaluation and condemnation of the insurance industry’s practise of prepackaged all-inclusive policy sales, the national watchdog agency is not yet finished investigating standard procedures. The FCA has also been focusing on the potential neglect and abuse of long standing policies. Zombie Policies The FCA has been investigating […]

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