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    FCA Examines Zombie Policies

    The Financial Conduct Authority, after its eight month evaluation and condemnation of the insurance industry’s practise of prepackaged all-inclusive policy sales, the national watchdog agency is not yet finished investigating standard procedures. The FCA has also been focusing on the potential neglect and abuse of long standing policies. Zombie Policies The FCA has been investigating […]

    Pre-Checked Policies A Thing Of The Past

    No matter what type of insurance you are seeking – everything from car and auto to life insurance should be personally designed to match your needs, requirements, and particular circumstances. In the past, the method of “all inclusive” policies was the norm – often providing an overabundance of cover to customers, unfortunately at the cost […]

    Premiums Set To Fall With The New Year

    Privately covered patients may be getting some good news through the following year regarding a lowering of premiums and potentially an even better quality of care. With long waits and less attention to care, the NHS system is more and more bogged down and private hospitals and clinics have been a great asset for citizens […]

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