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    Motor Insurance Premiums Set To Fall, Fees Rise

    A massive push to lower the cost of premiums on motor insurance is, ideally, great news for drivers. According to recent studies published by consumer comparison group Confused.com, insurance rates have dropped from £678 to £579, approximately 15%, over the past year and are a third lower than 2011’s peak rates. However, many insured motorists […]

    Insurance For Those With Active Lifestyles

    By now it is common knowledge that the price of a premium is determined, at least in part, by a specific set of factours: auto insurers will want to know about how long you have been driving, number of accidents, as well as violations; private health cover will ask about previously diagnosed conditions and family […]

    Don’t Let No Fault Claims Ruin Your Insurance

    Car accidents are one of the most traumatic events we can experience – even a minor collision opens up whole new levels of stress and adds unexpected burdens to our lives. While auto insurance is there to assist in alleviating much of the burden, it cannot take away physical pain or reduce anxiety. However, when […]

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